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Out and Back from Tumwater to the Mt. St. Helens, Johnston Ridge Observatory.

 Ride  Description:

The ride will be starting from the Tumwater Motel 6, 400 Lee Street SW Tumwater, WA 98501 (360) 754-7320. From there the route heads south through mostly flat and gently rolling terrain to Centralia. From Centralia it's south through Chehalis and then along the beautiful and Gently rolling Jackson Hwy to Hwy 505, through Toledo and south east to Hwy 504. Hwy 504 begins gently then makes a steady climb to Elk Rock, a bit of downhill and another nice climb to the control at Johnston Ridge Observatory. From the observatory it's all downhill, for a few miles anyway, to the control at Coldwater Lake where food and drinks will be waiting. Once rested, it's off for another climb back up to Elk Rock before the final exhilarating descent down the mountain and back to the finish at Motel 6 in Tumwater.

 Organizer:  James Gutholm This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
 Phone:  360.943.7967 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
 Date:  August 9 , 2008
 Time:  Ride Starts 5:00AM (registration 4:30-4:45AM)
 Start Location: Motel 6 Tumwater, WA
 Address:  400 Lee Street SW, Tumwater, WA, 98501
Phone: (360) 754-7320 | Fax: (360) 705-0655
 Directions: http://tinyurl.com/5jcysp
 Donation: $15 SIR members, $25 non-members. Please make all payments payable to SIR.
 Special  Instructions:


Headlights (white and clearly visible from 150 yards to oncoming traffic), tail lights, and red rear reflectors are required. Note that many taillights are also legal reflectors. These may be checked and riders may be disqualified if they do not function. Functional lights must be mounted on bike at all times. Lights must be operating at night on each bike in a group. Blinking taillights are permitted, but note that these may bother some other riders.

Reflective vests and leg bands are required. This is for your safety and the safety of others in the group.

Multiple redundant headlights, taillights, extra bulbs, and extra batteries are STRONGLY recommended, and may be required by the brevet leader. Hand held flashlights are recommended for repairs made in the dark.



Route (updated 6 Aug)



In addition to the controls detailed on the route sheet, there are convenience stores located along the route in Mary's Corner (mile 38 / mile 155) and Kid Valley (mile 65 / mile 122) and opportunities for water at the visitors center on the way up the mountain. Who knows perhaps even a secret control at just the right moment with cool drinks and friendly smiles.

There will be an information control so be sure to bring something to write with.




 Preregister online (available to SIR members)

if you register "on line" you will  not need to complete the registration paperwork at the ride start.  On line registering allows for quick posting of ride results -- snail mail paper registration slows down the end of ride results. Wink PDF Entry Form

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A bicycle helmet is required.  Fenders and mud flaps encouraged.

All riders are reminded that any failure to conduct the ride in accordance with SIR Brevet Rider Expectations , RUSA rules, applicable laws, or any special instructions or equipment requirements for this ride may result in a time penalty or disqualification.

Please fill out the SIR Membership Form BEFORE the ride if you are joining SIR. Please also try to have correct change (or a check) for the entry fee, medal, SIR annual fee, and RUSA annual fee.





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