Seattle International Randonneurs

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Joint SIR ORR Dart (RUSA)


Autumn Dart to Centralia.
This is a
Joint Event Destination with the Oregon Randonneurs

Note this is a 13:30 Hr event (200k)

Organizers: Peg Winczewski
Phone: 253-475-3625
Date: Sept. 17-19
Time: Teams can start as early as Friday afternoon at 4PM and finish on Saturday at 5:30 PM or as late as 7:30 PM Saturday night as long as they finish by 9AM on Sunday the 19th.
Start Location: Team Choice
Entry Fee:
Special Instructions: Banquet will be at McMenamin's in Centralia at 9 AM on Sunday.
Route Sheet: Team choice

The RUSA website has detailed information regarding Dart & Arrow events.
Please read this information before submitting your questions to the organizer.

Notes for Team Captains:

  • Once you receive your control cards, check them for accuracy.
  • Contact the organizer immediately of any changes in team members, etc.
    • Go over the rules of team events with your team.
      In particular, team members should note:
    • The minimum distance is 200k
    • The location and distance of their 10 or 22 Hr Control.
    • Team members must complete a minimum of 25km in the last 2 hrs of their event (between 11:30 and 13:30 hr - 10 & 12 hr for the regular dart.
    • Riders can get credit for their R-12. 
      And most importantly, team members must finish together in the 12th and 24th hour.
  • Do not leave your teammates in those final 2 hours.

Team Application
SIR Team Release Form (MS Word doc)

All riders should be familiar with and abide by rider expectations.


Reminders: A bicycle helmet is required. Fenders with mud flaps are encouraged.

All riders are reminded that any failure to conduct the ride in accordance with SIR Brevet Rider Expectations , RUSA rules, applicable laws, or any special instructions or equipment requirements for this ride may result in a time penalty or disqualification.

Please fill out the SIR Membership Form BEFORE the ride if you are joining SIR. Please also try to have correct change (or a check) for the entry fee, SIR annual fee, and RUSA annual fee.


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