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SIR Populaire 100K (RUSA) 3/5/2011


Come out and join the Seattle International Randonneur's kickoff to its 2011 Randonneuring Season. Enjoy a truly stunning course with some rollers as we explore some of the 'roads less traveled' in the Woodinville / Carnation area.

Cue Sheet posted.


Ride Summary: See the pre ride report below.
Organizer: Stuart Lee, Suzanne NowlisPeter Beeson, Eric Vigoren
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Date: March 5, 2011
Time: Registration Opens 8:00AM
Start Time: 9:00AM
Start Location:
Start: Sammamish River Trail parking
Address: 14735 NE 145th St, Woodinville, WA - Get directions here
End Location: Woodinville Redhook Brewery
Entry Fee: None
Cue Sheet: Cue Sheet
Optional Map: Map of course - files.me.com/rusa64/7r5n38


Preregister online

if you register "on line" you will  not need to complete the registration paperwork at the ride start.  On line registering allows for quick posting of ride results -- snail mail paper registration slows down the end of ride results. 

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Pre ride report

The Oscar Report from Populaire Producer Peter Beeson

Okay it’s Oscar Weekend and having just ridden the Season Opener Spring Populaire I’m here to give you the previews.

Cue the green screen, cue the movie rating “PG” and the sound track from Paris Brest Paris – you know the music – it swells, it crescendos, it sets the tone.

As your producer I asked the Writer/Director Mark Thomas for a pancake flat route, a course that would woo new riders, ease those whose waistlines may have grown a little over the winter. But no it was not to be. Mark Thomas, SIRs Leader reminded me that as course designer he would not relinquish “Creative Control” and as a result you get a truly stunning course with some rollers.

We start in the baseball field parking lot at Redhook Brewery, hop on the trail and then exit through a metal gate. Crossing a busy intersection of which the other side looks like a freeway on ramp – don’t worry it is not. Railroad tracks at angle about 3 times require you to be alert and cautious. A quick bump up NE 190th Street is a wake call to the heart – watch your heart rate jump. It’s short, it’s steep and it’s over quickly.

Then it’s the classic slog up the hill out of Woodinville proper. Settle in to a nice climbing rhythm. Summit the top and a roller coaster ensues – up and down. Up and down. Breath in the country air, make the sharp, sharp turn onto Connelly Road and voila you’re in Paris. You are riding the route profile of Paris Brest Paris: up and down; up and down; up and down. Animals abound, it’s Spring and the babies are out – colts, Alpacas deer – cue the Disney Sound Track – your heart swells with emotion.

A well earned rest at Sandys in Carnation and a chance to stoke the engine with java and baked delights. Because, cue the theme from Jaws, cue the sinister evil music, cue the scary music in a Stephen King film there’s a nasty climb coming down the road. Make the turn at mile 42 onto SE 40th Street and you’ll never eat another French Fry again, you’ll never want that donut, you’ll curse fried foods and swear to all deities that you’ll eat veggies, green ones, and never ever stray again. Your calves will bulge on this climb, your heart will beat loudly – very loudly, and there’s gonna be a hush as the peloton ascends this peak. Remember “Creative Control” rested with the director Mark Thomas. Open your eyes, delight in the view. And know that there is nothing this steep on Paris Brest Paris – this is what makes ya strong, make ya tough, makes you a member of the Yankees of Randonneuring Clubs: SIR!

At the top – an exhilarating descent. The climb fades from memory. And the final 20 miles to the finish line are joyous, gentle and a delight. You finish at Redhook Brewery – come and look for my fellow producers Maggie Williams, Eric Vigoren and yours truly Peter Beeson. We’ll stamp your card, shout bravo and you’ll be ready for your next adventure with SIR!

Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday March 5, 8am registration, 845am announcements, 9am start!

Bon Route!

Peter II, Populaire Producer

RUSA Member 1476


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